DUK 2009: SpR perspective

Diabetes UK: an Spr perspective

It was  initially perceived by me as a  pending tickbox study time for the approaching RITA  with some peaceful time away from day to day chores.  I was also looking foward to  updating  my knowledge  absorbing  as much information  and 3 days  was felt  too much of a time to kill. Hence  I made the initial error of not booking for YDF day, not knowing that Sprs attending  YDF day have the opportunity for free accommodation for 4 nights!(first learning point)

I started my day one getting  annoyed about having  missed  the nice relevant talks from the day before. Then I felt better meeting fellow Sprs  from the region.I was very impressed with the ask the experts foot session. This helped me organise my thoughts for a future Audit project. Then listening to the various speed data I could work out some practicalities and real difficulties  with research projects. Overall it  these sessions reassured me that with some focus , I am capable of  contributing more  to this meeting in the future. It was an excellent opportunity to listen to very relevant topics from renowned experts.Topics were very well chosen and aimed for a relaxed pace with excellent time keeping. There were a few clinically relevant topics which overlapped and was a shame to miss one to attend another.

Adequate break times meant meeting a  lot more familiar faces. The number of people you potentially work with in an MDT in various hospitals as a trainee  is huge and it is an amazing experience to be able to meet friends made  over many years, who end up in the same interent. Realising  that I was not lost in the crowd and that I could actually recognise most renouned team members who all appeared down to earth and that we are all working for the one cause of improving diabetes care was the most overwhelming experience for me.I now understand the meaning of Networking  and this should be one important reason to attend Diabetes UK in the future.

The best bit is to be able to get back home and catch up one the downloadable talks and read up the abstracts at leisure(yet to happen).I suggest that all talks should be accessable online and should be archived at Diabetes UK website.

The stalls were all well organised and informative .I have to mention the excellent refreshment drinks from the stalls. Sandwiches  for lunch was a  disappointment. Over all good value for money  compared to study events with similar content. The venue was good but looking foward to Liverpool next time.

Seleena Farook, specialist registrar

Editor’s note: Follow the link for more information on the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference 2009

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