ABCD and RCP Joint Conference on Inpatient Diabetes: 26-Jan-2010

Date: January 26, 2010
Venue: The Royal College of Physicians, London
Fee: £160


Over 10% of NHS beds are occupied by patients with diabetes, representing a major burden of care. These patients have a variety of clinical problems, including coronary syndromes, stroke, foot ulceration and acute metabolic emergencies. Their management is often complex, and duration of admission frequently prolonged. This conference brings together a group of speakers with wide experience and expertise, who will define and discuss the problems of in-patient diabetes care, and explore potential improvements and solutions.

Audience: This conference is aimed at all those practising general medicine as well as consultants and trainees in diabetes, senior diabetes specialist nurses and interested GPs.

Conference organiser: Royal College of Physicians

Further info: RCP events

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