5th Endocrine System Study Day for Nurses: 3-Feb-2010

3rd FEBRUARY 2010
MONTON HOUSE HOTEL, Monton Road, Eccles, Manchester M30 9HG

09.45 Menopause – Bev McAllister
10.30 Turners/Delayed Puberty – Elaine O’Shea
11.15 Thyroid – Dianne Wright
11.45 Testosterone – Chris Gibson
13.20 GHD (Adult /Paeds) – Linda Smethurst
14.00 Acromegaly – Margaret Roberts
14.45 Pituitary Gland/Surgery/Follow-up – Shashana Shalet
15.45 Nursing Implications + Steroids – Shashana Shalet

Please pre register your place by contacting Sr. Shalet’s Secretary on 0161 206 7038

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