MRCP (Endo) Speciality Certificate Examination Preparation Seminar

The college of physicians ran the first ever endocrinology MRCP in May 2009. A Specialty Certificate Examination is now a compulsory component of assessment for Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) for all UK trainees whose specialist training began in or after August 2007, and is voluntary for those who started before this date.

All UK and overseas trainees who have obtained MRCP(UK) are eligible to take the SCE (Specialty Certificate Examinations). UK trainees who are in a specialty training post but do not hold MRCP(UK) are also eligible.

The SCEs comprise of two 3 hour papers containing 100 best of five questions and are conducted as computer based tests. Each SCE is held once each year.

Candidates who pass the examination will be awarded a “Certificate” in the specialty concerned. All those with a Specialty Certificate and MRCP(UK) who are recommended to PMETB by the JRCPTB for a CCT will be entitled to apply for the post nominal MRCP(Specialty).

To aid in preparation for this exam a seminar will be held on:

Date – 24th February 2010,

Time –  5.30pm and 7.30pm

At the Clinical Sciences Centre,

School of Clinical Sciences,

University Hospital Aintree,

Longmoor Lane,

Liverpool L9 7AL

Refreshments will be available from 5.00pm

The speakers will be Professor Ian MacFarlane and Dr Christina Daousi of the Endocrinology Research Unit and University Hospital Aintree. Both are members of the RCP Question Writing Board and RCP Exam Board.

Please confirm your attendance by email to Kim Russell on:

Organised by Eli Lilly

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