NW Diabetes and CV Update Meeting

Wed 21/04/10, 09.00 – 15.30

Hilton Manchester Airport Hotel, CPD accreditation

09.30 HT – diagnosis, when and how to treat; Prof Tony Heagerty, MRI

10.10 CV risk calculation – how to calculate and address border-line cases; Dr Handrean Soran, MRI

11.00 Medical management of obesity – Dr Basil Issa, Wythenshawe Hospital

11.40 Bariatric surgery – a cure for Type 2 diabetes?; Mr Basil Ammori; Salford Royal Hospital

13.20 Starting insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes – individualising treatment; Dr Naveed Younis, Wythenshawe Hospital

14.00 Hypoglycaemia in diabetes – causes and management; Professor Geoff Gill, Aintree University Hospital

14.40 Achieving QOF targets; Dr Roger Gadsby, Warwick Medical School

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