SpR training day 19th September, 2011.

North West Deanery Diabetes and Endocrine SpR Teaching Day

19th September 2011

Postgraduate Education Centre, Manchester Royal
Infirmary, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL


0900-0930       Registration and Tea

Session 1 Diabetes and pregnancy, Chair Dr Rao-Balakrishna

0930-10300     Managing diabetes before, during and after pregnancy. Dr Rao-Balakrishna, Consultant Physician in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

1030-1050      Journal Club, HAPO study. Dr Nisha Kaimal.

1050-1120       Coffee

Session 2         Up to date in diabetes and endocrinology Chair Dr Angela Paisley

1120-1125       Introduction. Dr Angela Paisley

1125-1145       Dopamine receptor agonist and risk of cardiac valve disease: an update.

1145-1215       Should we still prescribe pioglitazone? Dr Ramneet Khurana

1215-1300       New treatment: Dapagliflozine, Dr Shabir Ahmed, BMS.

1300-1400:      Lunch

Session 3         Chair Professor Steve Shalet

1400-1500       Treatment of Acromegaly.  Professor Stephen Shalet, Christie Hospital.

1500-1550       Journal Club:

1. Prevalence of GHD in cured acromegalic patients. Ronchi er al. European J.Endocrinology 2009; 161: 37-42. Dr Simi Krishnan.

2. GHD after treatment of acromegaly. Miller et al. JCEM 2010; 95: 567-577. Dr Kelly Cheer

3. Case presentation, DrKelly Cheer

1550-1615       Tea

1615-1700       Controversies in the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes: is there a role for HbA1c? Dr Graham Horsman, Consultant in Clinical Biochemistry, University Hospital South Manchester.

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