RCPE Course: Writing a Journal Article: 3 Nov 2014

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


RCPE Course: Writing a Journal Article

Dear Colleague

RCPE Course: Writing a Journal Article
Monday 3 November 2014

Clinicians regularly submit papers for publication which, while containing excellent and original clinical detail, may be rejected as soon as they are received by an editor or are put out for peer review. This situation can be demoralising and lead to an author questioning his or her work.

The Writing a Journal Article course aims to assist clinicians in improving their publication rates and/or the level of journal in which their papers appear. It provides valuable insights into how to plan, structure, develop and write a scientific paper; information on what editors and reviewers look for in papers; and original analyses of trends in medical publishing.

This one-day course is for anyone who is writing – or drawing together material for – an article for a peer reviewed journal. It would be of particular value to doctors in training interested in getting onto the first rung of the publications ladder and to consultants or GPs interested in publishing and disseminating original research in higher impact journals. Additionally, experienced authors may wish to recommend the course to less experienced co-authors.

Previous courses at RCPE have been oversubscribed and early application is therefore advised. Full details are available on the College website or by contacting Helen Elliott at the College (email h.elliott@rcpe.ac.uk or call 0131 247 3639) .

Dr Nicki Colledge
Director of Education
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

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