Royal College of Physicians Samuel Leonard Simpson Fellowship in Endocrinology

This is an excellent opportunity to obtain a fellowship to visit an endocrinology centre or research institution to learn new techniques or experience different clinical or research settings. Funding of up to £8000 is available and the deadline for submitting a proposal is 1 August 2020. Application should be made using the form on the Royal College of Physicians website and can be accessed from this link.

Clinical Fellow in Endocrinology: Vacancy at The Christie Hospital

This is an opportunity for a budding endocrinologist (or anyone pursuing a career in an internal medicine speciality where endocrinology knowledge is very likely to be useful) to get experience in endocrinology at a specialist centre. Further details about the job can be found within the job advert. Please note that the closing date for applications is 16 July 2020.

Clincal Skills Webinar

The Society for Endocrinology’s online clinical skill webinar series will commence on 15th July 2020 and will deliver a series of accesible lectures until 7th October 2020. Topics covered include  Cushing’s syndrome, thyroid eye disease, amiodarone induced thyroid disease, infertility, adrenocortical tumours, the geenetics of pituitary tumours, the management of transgender patients and metabolic bone disease. Click here for details and registration.