The North West of England Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity Newsletter

Mission statement

This website has been developed for trainees and trainers in Diabetes and Endocrinology in North West England. Its purpose is to enable posting of information of interest, sharing of ideas, and to serve as an informal portal of communication.

Information for contributors

We welcome your contributions. We aim to post within 1 week all contributions that would be of wider interest to trainees and trainers in the diabetes and endocrinology rotation in the North West.

However, whether we post your contribution is at our absolute discretion. We won’t post contributions that may be seen as obscene, offensive, libellous, illegal, incomprehensible, rude, blatant advertising or that give information on patients, or are sent by someone who does not provide adequate and accurate personal details, including a functioning email address, or who does not respond to email inquiries.

Your contribution must be original and not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights. It is your responsibility to obtain necessary permissions for any copyrighted material used in your contribution.

Your name (but not your email address) will be published with your contribution. If you want your email address and/or other contact details to appear on the website, please include them in the body of the text of your contribution.

We reserve the right to edit contributions before and after publication. Once a contribution has been published on the website, you will not have the right to have it removed or edited. The Editorial Board shall, however, be able to remove any article at its absolute discretion.

All opinions expressed are solely those of the contributor(s) and publication on this site does not imply endorsement by the Editorial Board.

Types of contributions

We publish Posts and Comments.

Posts include announcements (meetings, training matters, events, etc.), news items, education pieces, and commentaries (journal articles, book reviews, etc.). Please send your contribution for Posts via email to endodiabesity@gmail.com. We can accept material that can go into the body of an email message i.e. plain text (*.txt), rich text (*.rtf) or hypertext markup language (*.html). We can also accept your contribution as an attachment in MS Word format (*.doc). We do not accept image/graphic files, Powerpoint presentations, audio or video files or other complex digital formats.

Comments are simply responses to Posts. Comments may be submitted directly at the website via the web form below the Post that you are responding to, or by sending it via email to endodiabesity@gmail.com(please send us details of the Post that you are responding to, including title, author and date published).

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