Please use the above link to get directed to the OCDEM fellowships for diabetes and endocrinology. These are funded scholarships for clinical researchers to do further research/ get involved in ongoing research in Endocrinology . These are funded by Novo Nordisk and you get an opportunity to engage with some of the best minds in the business.

Survey of Learning opportunities

Over the last few months , the focus has been shifting from face-to-face teaching to a more virtual approach with the ability to attend meetings from the comfort of not having to search for a parking spot (among other things). We would like to know the thoughts of our members on how this resonates among our group and whether there are any particular preferences. Please provide your responses. This may influence the decision on upcoming teaching sessions depending on the overall outlook. The poll will end on 15th of November and based on the answers , we can push for advice to the TPD and trainee representatives in order to facilitate future sessions for the North-west sector.

North-West Endocrinology Teaching Days 2020-21

Please note that the next Northwest Training days are as follows:

  1. 22nd of December 2020 – Hosted by Bolton NHS FT – Theme to be confirmed
  2. 20th of January 2021 – Hosted by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals – Royal Preston Hospital – Pituitary

Trainees are advised to contact their respective rota managers and arrange for the afternoon off. Teaching will be delivered online via Zoom and as this can be accessed remotely, will allow for better participation.

For all participants, please note the following rules for the sessions :

  1. Microphones to be muted unless instructed by the speaker.
  2. Any questions to be posted on the chat bar.
  3. Please stay safe and try and avoid watching while driving (new Driving regulations)
  4. We are aiming to record sessions and make them available either through the website or on the cloud for access for a limited period so as to allow those who have other commitments such as Annual Leave, Nights/ long day on calls etc.
  5. Start times will be between 1:30 – 2 pm – Please await instructions closer to the date for joining and ID.

Any further questions to be directed to the Trainee Representatives who will aim to answer any queries as best as possible.

Please do note that this is going to be a different (hopefully better) way of delivering the teaching sessions. Any feedback (positive or negative) is appreciated. Please contact on nwendocrinetraining@gmail.com.

Next Upcoming Society for Endocrinology Webinar -Michael O’Reilly

Dear all, hope you have managed to register for the clinical webinars from the summer series of the Society For Endocrinology.

The next topic is on Adreno-cortical tumours. This is an excellent way for those in the training pathway as well as non trainees to update their knowledge on this topic.

Date – 12 August 2020 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm