Salford Royal Hospital

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and University Teaching Hospital

Specialist training positions: 3 whole time, 1 flexible trainee
Areas of training: Endocrinology (including pituitary, endocrine surgery), Diabetes (including multidisciplinary foot clinic, antenatal and preconception care, young persons’ clinic), Obesity, General (Internal) Medicine
Consultants: Dr Bob Young, Professor Martin Gibson, Dr John New, Dr Helen Buckler, Dr Tara Kearney, Dr Annice Mukherjee, Dr Akheel Syed, Dr Lucinda Summers, Dr Adam Robinson, Dr Angela Paisley
Description: Large teaching hospital site. Endocrinology team have care of one medical inpatient ward. Registrars rotate through different roles over the course of the year. Clinics are on site, either in the Diabetes, Endocrinology & Weight Management Centre, or in Medical Outpatients. Regular GIM on-call commitment, comprising separate shifts for ward cover, acute admissions, and mHDU cover.
Research: Pituitary, weight management, diabetes.
Rota contact: Claire Harrison.

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